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Title:  Installer's Guide to Local Area Networks

Paperback:  288 pages, 1st edition

Publisher: Thomson - Delmar Learning

ISBN: 0766833747



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The Installer's Guide to Local Area Networks is mandatory reading for every cable installer and apprentice who needs a single source of practical information on a complete range of networking topics, from current and legacy local area network (LAN) technologies to the cabling standards that support them. Written by an experienced educator with nearly twenty years of first-hand, professional experience in the computer networking industry, this all-inclusive, general reference uses a remarkably entertaining style to convey a wealth of practical information and detailed technical specifications. 


The book begins by defining a LAN and introducing essential buzzwords, standards, and organizations, plus network protocols and operating systems. Subsequent chapters are presented in logical sequence to propel readers on a direct path to understanding the essential aspects of today's modern LAN technologies, including media requirements, cable plan installation standards and practices, plus certification details. In addition, a unique historical perspective heightens the reader's appreciation of the evolution of modern LAN technologies while offering useful insights into the reasons why some emerging technologies succeed and others do not.


Product Benefits:

  • coverage spans from contemporary and legacy LANs to leading-edge wireless networks and Ethernets, providing a solid foundation for network administrators and other service professionals seeking any of today's industry certifications.

  • troubleshooting methods and shortcuts appear throughout, allowing installers, electricians, service technicians, and others interested in setting up a home network to save time and money.

  • commercial product standards and current certification specifications are explored thoroughly, ensuring optimal cable plant installation reliability and application support.

  • must-know terms, acronyms, and jargon are defined in a glossary, enabling readers to quickly master the vocabulary needed for effective communication in one of today's hottest industries.

  • discussion of emerging technologies offers insights into the future of networking technologies, preparing readers for rewarding, long-term professional career success.

  • numerous examples familiar to cabling and networking professionals are included throughout the book, making it ideal for use in electrical and communications education programs and professional training programs alike.