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Free Anti-Virus Products 


AVG Free Anti-Virus -- Free download

Also available on c|net


Avira AntiVir -- Free download


Microsoft Security Essentials -- Free Antivirus download (32-bit & 64-bit)

June 2011 - lately I've had several client systems using MSSE that got infected, so I moved them to AVG.


Avast Free Antivirus -- Free download

Also available on c|net



Free Online Anti-Virus Scanners 


F-Secure -- Free online scanner/cleaner


BitDefender -- Free online scanner/cleaner


Panda Software --  FREE on-line virus scanner

(Use the link below if the above link fails.)




Malware / SpyWare / Adware Removal Products 


MalwareBytes -- Free malware removal

Also available on c|net


Hitman Pro -- Rootkit removal (32-bit & 64-bit)

Also available on c|net


AdAware -- Free Standard Edition!

Also available via c|net


SpyBot - Search & Destroy -- Free! (Donations Accepted)

Also available via c|net




Anti-SPAM Products 

Both of these programs are free, and you can use both at the same time if you wish.  Myriad anti-SPAM products are available, several of which are freeware, while others are just free for an evaluation period.


K9 -- Free Edition!

K9 is intelligent.  It starts out somewhat dumb and you have to train it to recognize what you consider to be spam.  After a few days of training, its accuracy improves to over 90%.  And it is not based on your Contact List.  It is a bit more involved to install and configure.  You must manually create a Spam folder in Outlook/OE to receive messages considered Spam.  You must also create a rule to move messages flagged by K9 as Spam into that Spam folder. 


MailWasher -- Free Edition!

Also available via c|net

MailWasher is entirely manual. It filters anyone not already in your email Contact List, but you have to set it all up manually, and add new contacts as you gather them. MailWasher is probably inappropriate for users who often receive valid email from strangers (such as new customers), as all messages from new contacts will be filtered.